Management Team
Seeking the origin and inspiring the innovative creators of the industry
The management team of RET is the pioneer of innovative spirit. They are born with innovative consciousness and always discover new methods, technologies and products.Through motivating leadership and inclusive support, they have created outstanding services and people-oriented team models in the digital age.
ZHANG Jiapeng
RET Founder
"With the innate enthusiasm for innovation, he constantly presents new ideas and insights that challenge traditional wisdom, and leads the team to continuously help customers break through resource constraints and create opportunities through innovation"

Mr. Zhang Jiapeng is a witness and promoter of the development of China's commercial real estate, and an expert consultant to many governments and enterprises.In his dedication to urban business upgrading and industry efficiency transformation, he has contributed many original ideas and successful examples to the industry and thus has won wide acclaim. As a pioneer in social welfare, Mr. Zhang Jiapeng has successively established the industry knowledge sharing community "China Real Estate Round Table" and the "Lepu Charity Fund" focusing on retail upgrades. He has also invested in the physical and mental health of China's vulnerable children, and has jointly initiated and serves as a director for Gesang and Lan Charity Fund.

Mr. Zhang holds a professional diploma in philosophy from Peking University, an MBA degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, and an EMBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.He is the author of "Commercial Real Estate Truth", "Commercial Real Estate: Different Thinking and Answers", "Commercial Real Estate Case Course", which are sold well.
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