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Ms. Suo Shan has more than 20 years of experience in real estate industry and is also active in summits and forums on the sharing and exchange of views on domestic commercial real estates.She is good at planning and operation of urban complexes and has unique insights into new districts and characteristic commercial operations.Through years of project operation and communication, she has established good cooperative relations with many large real estate companies in China.In recent years, she has been committed to business transformation driven by new technologies, has been focusing on urban regeneration with cultural integration, district activation, new commercial scenarios and new retail solutions, and has continued to publish special research papers.Ms. Suo Shan is a special lecturer of Times Bright CreSuccess School of Management and a lecturer of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management Real Estate Alumni Association. She is also passionate about sharing women's charities and has been invited to ICSC Real Estate Women Group Forum and Lean In Ruc of Renmin University of China.
Insight and Sharing

The Commercial Real Estate Working Committee of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and RET jointly issued the "2019/2020 China Commercial Real Estate Development Report"

Suo Shan was invited by Tsinghua SEM to share the development trend of China's commercial real estate

Suo Shan was invited to be a judge of Wanda's 3rd "Concept Commercial Space" International Design Competition

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