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The emergence of new business formats, the acceleration of brand changes, the rapid penetration of online and offline, the digitalization of operational decisions, etc. have made China's shopping centers face unprecedented complexity and are fundamentally changing the way of thinking and execution of investment promotion.Whether a new shopping center or a completed project, on the basis of good brand relationships and promotion capabilities, we must also make more thoughts to adapt to the new environment: how to quickly capture the latest brand introduction projects? How to use big data for accurate placement? How to use Internet technology to improve investment efficiency? How to create a smart new business image that leads the trend?

Typical Problems at the Investment Stage
The successful investment for a project originates from the perfect combination of resources, team and professionalism. Any change in one element may produce different effects. RET can always maintain its leading position in the field of business investment in China, which should be attributed to our concentrated accumulation and long-term input in the above three core capabilities.For a project with different positioning we serve as an agent for, we will carefully select senior personnel with rich experience in relevant formats to form a project special team. With our central expert team and unique smart data platform, we can provide various in-depth services for the implementation of each project and solve all main challenges the project is facing with professional capability:
  • Insufficient Brand Resources

    Being short of industry panoramic brand database, searching for the possible brands to settle from a small number of brand resource database is difficult to achieve a competitive portfolio of business formats as expected;

    The expansion of brand resources relies on some experienced individuals and the cost for trial and error is very high;

    Being limited by communication skills and professional tools, it is difficult to transform effective resources into cooperation, and the investment promotion team attributes the slow progress of investment promotion to insufficient brand resources.

  • Difficult Brand Location Coordination

    The advantageous positions are generally in the favor of brands while the unadvantageous ones are not, making the overall investment promotion difficult;

    Some target brands express their intentions, but are slow in decision, so it is difficult for practical advancement;

    As the investment promotion stage is extended, there are important premium brands that intend to move in, but the advantageous locations that can be matched with them have been previously provided for inferior brands, and premium brands do not recognize other unadvantageous locations.

  • Weak Position in Business Condition Negotiation

    The brand rent bid is far lower than expected, and communications are repeated and difficult to go further;

    The strict requirements for decoration subsidies and rent-free periods limit the return on investment;

    It is difficult to assess and determine the rationality of brand requirements such as store hardware renovation, advertising space, same-field brands, etc.

  • Investment Promotion Schedule out of Control

    After the investment promotion schedule has been repeatedly postponed, it is difficult to find solutions;

    No evaluation criteria for the relationship between the investment promotion team's capabilities, investment promotion support and investment promotion progress;

    Being affected by investment promotion, the opening time has been postponed repeatedly, and some of the contracted brands have suffered the default of opening commitments and no mature solutions are available.

  • Market Changes Difficult to Deal with

    New competitive projects enter the market, competing for the target brands, making their original intention to settle in uncertain;

    Changes in strategies within the brands have changed their original intention to open stores at the project;

    The urban planning brings positive or negative impacts. The original investment promotion plan can no longer be implemented and needs to be adjusted quickly.

RET Solutions
Based on the industry's foresight and investment in innovative technologies, RET's retail resource platform now has 246 commercial cities in China, 1,983 business districts, and more than 320,000 brands. As a result, any project of RET can get all the target brands to settle in. Every year we have the largest number of investment agents in the industry in China, which can ensure that our investment promotion expert team can maintain an uninterrupted long-term mutual trust relationship with brands.At the same time, with the support of RET's unique data tools and new technology capabilities, the project investment promotion progress can be carried out in the most efficient way, and the best balance can be achieved among brand grade, investment promotion speed and rental income. Our Main Execution Contents:
  • Our execution team of multiple disciplines stays on the site

    We carefully select senior people who fit the project's business positioning to form a dedicated team, which stays on the project site with the support of RET's platform resources to carry out investment promotion so as to ensure the smooth introduction of brand resources, coordination of tenant visits, engineering audits, interior coordination, etc..

  • Analysis of Precise Project Location Placement Based on Big Data

    Through the "Relationship Chain" of the shopping center brands in China's Tier 1 through Tier 3 cities, we can clearly see the adjacent brands and the same-field brands of each brand in the mall. In addition, through the big market data analysis and comparison between the pending and the relevant opened shopping centers, we can determine the rational locations for the investment promotion mall based on advanced analysis technology, which can reduce the uncontrollable decision based on experience and have stronger credibility in investment promotion communication.

  • Engagement of Full-channel Brand Resources

    Based on our professional belief and vigorous investment in technology, our robot program has been able to continuously track and record hundreds of thousands of domestic online and offline brands, which allows us to complete the inspection and selection of all the brands in the market quickly after the start of the investment promotion of each project. This not only saves a lot of time, but also creates surprises for the project in the introduction of new brands.

  • Planning of Online and Offline Project Investment Tools

    Not only is it the trend for online brands to open stores offline, but also the exposure of the project and the way of communication with the brands are also increasingly dependent on online.With its professional capabilities across online and offline, RET can quickly judge the feasibility of different online brands entering the project and implement the results. At the same time, by planning interactive investment invitations, project data maps, mobile websites and other three-dimensional investment tools, it can ensure optimal negotiation efficiency.

  • Optimal Rhythm Control and Promotion Cooperation

    The control of the project investment rhythm is not only related to the grade results of the project, but also has a decisive influence on the rental return of the project. Moreover, as the project progresses, the communication strategy with the market also has a crucial impact on the subsequent result.We will start from the project positioning and formulate a systematic strategy plan for the project that closely matches the objectives of investment promotion.

Measurable results
Investment promotion is a key link for commercial properties to realize market value and also an important starting point for the successful operation of the project. Therefore, the core of the investment promotion for each project is not only to obtain high rent rate but also to establish a solid foundation for the settlement of quality retailers and good coordination of business formats.An investment promotion project RET serves as agent for can bring a guaranteed effect in the following five aspects:
  • The accomplishment of the predetermined positioning target of the project;
  • The realization of location arrangement for tenants according to project target rather than merchants' requirements;
  • Controllable investment promotion progress;
  • Reasonable and optimal value of rental level;
  • No project risk due to sudden market changes.

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