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Our service quality, industry responsibility and commitment to becoming an ideal enterprise
We are proud of the awards we have received. They are the results of the quality and influence of RET's services, and also confirm the position of RET in the commercial real estate industry.We value and cherish each customer's cooperation experience. They are the witnesses of partners' heart-to-heart services and rewarding trust with value achievements, and also the motivation of RETers to insist on innovation and focus on the industry.

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China Commercial Real Industry

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Sina Leju

Commercial Innovation

Customer Evaluation

"RET is an enterprise that dares to keep its own way. Today, this way is right. It is a homeopathic and predictable track. The original traditional industry has very broad prospects. We wish RET to become a sample model of new enterprises in the industry and a century-old brand."

—China Resources Land

"First of all, RET is now engaged in the industry consultation of the full service chain. We agree with this development direction very much, because from the perspective of industry management, we will also develop from channels to platforms. As a third-party independent consulting company, RET's adopting this business model of the full service chain is in line with the needs of developers."

—Joy City Holdings

"RET dares to accept the challenge and take on this challenge or overcome this difficulty, and has finally achieved a very satisfactory result that both parties are very satisfied with. We are very pleased, we feel that this partner is worthy of trust."

—Longfor Group

"RET has worked as a consultant in the commercial real estate industry for a very long time, from users to stores and finally to the last asset holders, it connects these different chains, and finds some of the most critical points in these chains to provide users with value enhancement. We generally agree with the overall direction."

—Sino-Ocean Group

"We feel that RET is taking the right path, seeking breakthroughs at some key points, and building its own core capabilities. This is, for RET's future development, we believe, on the one hand, will further enhance its market competitiveness, and on the other hand, can better provide services for merchants."

—Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.

"RET can give much we need. In fact, as a consulting company or a third-party company, RET can understand the theory of the Internet deeply, and then uses these tools better. Maybe this is the reason why we think RET is a great and different company."

—Wanda Commercial Management Group

"RET give mes the feeling that, in terms of digitization and mobile Internet, including some innovative formats and industry observations, including consumer insights, there are some very in-depth researches and some fruitful implementation."

—Vanke SCPG

"RET is a team that advocates openness and learning attitude, so I think that RET will definitely make greater progress in this era of social development and in the context of consumption upgrades, bringing greater value to customers.At the same time, this team and the company also have greater room for growth."

—CCCC Real Estate

"From the perspective of the cooperation and performance of the entire team, it can better show the low-profile, pragmatic and stable RET, especially for research and policy, the rigor of data research and the accuracy of market exploration, including the objective and true combination with projects, and the strong sense of cooperation with the developer's home."

—Greenland Group

"RET team is like their name. For R(wisdom), we think this team is a very wise and talented team; for E(Spirit), I feel that this team is full of high spirits; at the same time, we feel that this team is a team with both virtue and integrity."

—Jinhui Group

"Commerce today is more complex than before. This complexity includes online, offline, experience, cross-border, big data, and Internet, all of which are inseparable from commerce.The combination of the aforesaid by RET is very comprehensive and very fast. We feel that this is really a challenge and cannot be achieved without innovative concept."

—Chongbang Group

"RET is still a very innovative and very potential enterprise. Based on the traditional business form as the foundation, in a short period of time, it has launched several different products for the market. We think its creativity is really great."


"For our cooperation with RET, actually two points have given us deep impression.First, professionalism; second, extremely dedicated team. Professionalism and dedication are the points we feel most deeply."

—Tianheng Group

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RET in the Eyes of Customers

Wang YongpingDirector of the Commercial Real Estate Working Committee of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce

Wang LongExecutive General Manager of Jinke Group Zhongyuan Regional Company

Zhong JinVice President of CCCG Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

Zhou XingGeneral Manager of Real Estate Business Unit of Tianheng Group

Lu YangGeneral Manager of the Operation Department of SCPG

Chen Bi'anDeputy General Manager of Beijing Easyhome Vertical Forest Property Co., Ltd.

Chen WeiVice President of Sino-Ocean Group Holding Limited

Li YongjunAssistant President of Jinhui Group

Hu ShenDeputy Director and General Manager of Chongbang Group

Chen FangyongFounder of China Real Estate Fund 100 People's Association

Guo ZengliDirector of Mall China Shopping Mall Development Committee

Bao WeiGeneral Manager of China Resources Land's South China Region

Wang ZhibinExecutive Vice President of Wanda Commercial Management Group Co., Ltd.

Gao YanyuGeneral Manager of Longfor Commercial Real Estate East China Region II

Li RuiGeneral Manager of Beijing Chaoyang Joy City

Wang FengCEO of Wuxi Xuelang Digital System
Former General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Industrial Brain

Li HongGeneral Manager of Beijing Capital Airport Trading Co., Ltd.

Zhou JingDirector of Greenland Central China Commercial

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