Architectural Planning and Design
The perfect balance of creativity and business feasibility

Our goal is to assist or even inspire the architects who work with us to continuously optimize the project design from a composite perspective of consumer experience and tenant availability in order to fully explore the aesthetic and economic potential of the construction project.

Our architectural team is widely praised by our customers not only for their professionalism but also for their accomplishments in the humanity, nature and art.Their research will start with the customer's emotional reflection when it first sees the project, make careful considerations and planning for the atmosphere and rhythm of the roaming paths. In addition, they ensure that the commercial retail space division can carry the project's business model and fully adapt to the demands of target tenants on business formats, and have sufficient reserves for the possible future adjustment.

Good business not only stimulates the vitality of the city, but also represents the builder's responsibility for the future of the city. We regard the sustainability theory and behavior as an important part of our work, promote architecture as an example of energy conversation, emission reduction, and environmental friendliness, and support customers to keep a balance between pursuing profits and benefiting society and environment.

Design Challenges
Retail property customers include not only separate entities, but also owners, consumers, merchants, governments, etc.. We have accumulated experience from thousands of retail projects, and regard each project as a unique challenge. In order to achieve the best balance of value for all parties, and allow construction, landscape, M&E, digital and other partners to integrate and work together as a whole, we provide them tailored designs, formulate the most appropriate solutions and offer the optimal team composition according to specific needs, ensure that their overall planning approaches integrate business, creativity and technical expertise so that they can significantly enhance their unique identity and availability of the project image and space. Our design not only meets the aesthetic and experience demands of the target consumers but also attracts high-quality tenants, thus bringing customers with permanent high-value construction assets.
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Performance in Typical Problems
Our architectural team is not only powerful, but also devoted to promoting the development and evolution of commercial space. It has helped more than two hundred projects realize their plans for architectural optimization. From Beijing SKP, China Resources Livingmall to Great Tang All-Day Mall in Xi'an to Yangquan Riverside New World Plaza, many projects have fundamentally promoted the commercial upgrading process of the cities where they are located.
The reason why we can help owners solve the most complex and demanding problems is that we have professional knowledge, sufficient local resources and rich market experience.With our own ingenuity and wisdom, we often solve the typical problems that often trouble the industry in the project.
  • Architectural design unable to reflect positioning strategy

    The vision and spatial experience of the plan are inconsistent with the target customer's value orientation;

    Store combination and area planning are not fully integrated with the actual market demand;

    The auxiliary function areas such as parking, logistics and distribution do not conform to the principle of future use.

  • Conflict of the parties of disciplines with each other in work intervention rhythm and collaboration

    The working hours of the intervention items of such disciplines as architecture, M&E, lighting, operation, information, etc., are improper, thus affecting progress efficiency and delivery quality;

    In consideration of its own role, each discipline may conflict with any other discipline party in demands. It is difficult to determine the best choice, increasing costs and potential operational risks;

    It is difficult to make a clear assessment on the impact of professional advice of all the parties on the actual value and future operations of the project, resulting in a lot of invalid communications.

  • Insufficient consideration of details of usage scenarios and future format adjustments

    Each project has endowed advantages and has also inherent constraints. Specifically, too narrow, square, low-density or high-density land conditions will become a challenge to design. Improper handling of such a challenge will cause a "hard wound" that hinders the sustainable development of the project;

    How many entrances and exits are suitable for a large project? What combination of channels and landscapes can create interesting rhythm for customers? Why are elevators in some atriums a negative factor? Design decisions are not based on theoretical analysis, but must be carefully considered in actual projects.

In the operation period of a commercial project for decades or even longer, the change and adjustment of business tenants are a continuous action. When designing hardware, it is necessary for us to consider the flexibility to adapt to the change of business formats, otherwise it will adversely affect project's competitiveness.
RET's "Golden" Guideline for Architectural Planning
With an in-depth understanding of the spirit of the retail establishment, we have become a creative engine and business think tank for many iconic projects, realizing innovative solutions that are culture-featured, people-oriented and adapt to the brand. At the same time, from the perspective of planning, investment and operation, we have created a set of "GOLDEN" design guideline that focuses on streamline, space and scale:

G Guest Orientation, meaning that the success of the mall depends on customers' feelings;

O Operation Experience, meaning business activities are ultimately realized through operation and management;

L Leasing Strategy, meaning brand positioning determines the design strategy;

D Development, meaning that renewal and development are the normal state of a commercial real estate;

E Economy, meaning that economic benefit is the standard to judge the success of a commercial real estate;

N Network, meaning combining various factors to weigh and form a decision.

Using the GOLDEN guidelines in conjunction with the newly developed project design management and control procedures, we have effectively controlled the architectural design cycle, and realized the minimum loss of construction costs and the effective improvement of long-term benefits.

Consulting experts
Our team will provide customers with specific and quantifiable results