Investment and M&A
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Investment and M&A
Although there are various negative pressures on the Chinese economy and the growth rate of new commercial project development has slowed, investment and M&A for stock commerce continue to grow vigorously.At the same time, new market participants, changes in financial policies, endless new retail formats, e-commerce and overseas consumption diversion have brought unprecedented uncertainty to all market participants.In this environment, investment in commercial assets and M&As need to have a broader perspective and discover opportunities in a rapidly changing world.
The work goal of our team is to choose the best goals for customers and control risks.For customers, we play the role of differentiated sources of investment opportunities, and in the eyes of the sellers, we are an innovative solution provider. RET's rich business framework provides valuable real-time proprietary market data. This information allows us to identify undervalued assets faster than competitors, more scientifically predict project growth space, and allows customers to lock in specific items with confidence.Our team has rich professional knowledge and experience, can assist the project leader of any customer to effectively manage all aspects of the entire process and support customers to execute large transactions quickly and confidently.The industry's highest service standards that we have consistently followed have been put into place in cooperation with more than thirty projects with customers such as Carlyle, Citi, Warburg, CapitaLand, Fosun and others. The specific contents include:
  • Investment project selection and evaluation;
  • Project investment feasibility analysis;
  • Trading strategy and trading architecture design;
  • Capital operation plan;
  • Project reorganization and promotion strategy;
  • Hardware transformation plan and calculation;
  • Due diligence assistance;
  • Discussion and negotiation of trading terms;
  • Project exit mode planning.
As an accomplished investment management and asset manager in the field of commercial real estate investment, the solutions we provide reflect the keen insights generated by our diverse platforms, making professional value a significant premium in services. Through the reorganization of the project and professional operation management, we maximize the release of potential value.It is difficult for us to tolerate the loss of funds, so we treat investors' assets as if they were ours. We continue to help customers achieve their goals and create superior advantages with rigorous and forward-looking commercial real estate strategies.

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