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Online and offline retail integration, data-based decision-making, and the advance of a new generation of consumers are profoundly rewriting the game rules of business operations, and challenging the traditional strategic approaches. Traditional consultancy service often relies on experience and small sample data for advice. But with the application of big data and new thinking beyond tradition, we can explore the creative potentials of a project in a more in-depth and comprehensive way.

With superior big data capabilities and innovative approaches, we have helped more than 200 projects establish future-oriented strategies and directions in China. Our customers include China Resources, COFCO, Vanke, Longfor Properties, Mitsui and other investors, whose projects are distributed in city centers and new districts, covering a dozen of categories including city centers, community commerce, transformation and upgrading, characteristic towns and industrial parks. In this process, we not only provide solutions rooted in project genes, but also effectively build a bridge between blueprints and implementation in a unique way.

Typical problems in the positioning stage
Project positioning is a strategic choice. It defines the development direction based on regional market demand and competition situation. It is a process that seems to have only a paper blueprint, but plays a decisive role in the future of the project. It is acknowledged that "planning" is more important than "actions". Especially in a rapidly changing business environment, it is more necessary to make careful decisions in the early stage of a project to avoid the following losses:
  • Subjective orientation: Lack of understanding of the market where the project is located. Relying on experience or deliberately imitating successful projects, to subjectively establish unrealistic positioning for the project.
  • Dislocation of lease and sales: Failure to clarify the radical difference between lease and sales of products in the planning and operation, and push directly in a certain direction.
  • Improper business simulation: The business target brands lack foresight or are indulged in the pursuit of rental returns, ignoring the sustainability of project development.
  • Disengagement of strategy and product: Lack of cross-disciplinary perspective and effective communication, so the positioning strategy cannot be effectively implemented to the construction program.
  • Non-operational perspective: Lack of people with operational experience in the positioning strategy, lack of detailed consideration of future operations, which pose obstacles to future use.
RET solutions
The market will clearly reflect consumer needs, but may also send confusing signals -- some demands may be short-lived. So our solution will not only focus on demand, but also judge the value order to satisfy the demand. So, rather than solving the contradiction of demand, we are focusing on meeting future growth demand. Hence, the RET solutions are to find the path planning that connects the future growth possibility of the project with the present moment, and ensure to minimize the error in this path. So our work will cover the following key points:
  • Vision summary: Under the long-term vision, a project must also have a number of stage objectives, as poor sequencing may pose a risk to the project. So the first step in working on a project is to initiate an in-depth interview with the project investors, discuss and sort out the project vision, constraints and pace of growth.
  • Big data research and judgment: Conduct careful analysis and judgment of the project positioning with an expert team covering the whole process of consultancy, investment and operation, along with the company's unique big data platform and data from strategic partners of the UnionPay, Amap and Baidu.
  • Growth business portfolio: Establish future-oriented rather than easy-to-implement business portfolio on the basis of in-depth understanding of local consumer characteristics, brand sales performance and market rent, as well as targeted brand pre-investment results.
  • Integrating the strategy into product: After the positioning idea takes shape, architects will step in to evaluate and ensure the feasibility of implementing the strategy into the product. After that, the consultant will provide the product design specifications and detailed hardware advice to guide the optimal implementation of the positioning strategy of the building scheme.
  • Project operation test: From escalator use convenience to logistics scheduling, the details are only functional points in the drawing stage. But if they are not properly adjusted in the process of construction, they may become irreversible hard injuries. So in the product phase, the consultants must carefully consider each case in terms of usability.
Measurable results
In the project work, we never take ourselves as an onlooker, but as a vital part of fulfilling the project. We are well aware that each project will make a deep impact on the local residents, investors and the brand, and the realization of the project vision is also the core source of our sense of achievement. Therefore, for the positioning plan of each project, we are rigorously demanding the clarity of project results. We believe this is the only way to form a better consensus with customers and push forward the progress of the project. Through differentiated analysis of the conclusions, presentation of lessee intention and in-depth data interpretation, and comparable case analysis, we have continuously created a "journey of confidence and consensus" for the decision-making team of the cooperative project, and achieve the following expectations in the initial stage of the project:
  • Prior to the architectural design, clearly define the distribution of rental and sale areas, to achieve respective optimal objectives and best coordination;
  • Prior to the architectural design, clearly define the distribution of rental and sale areas, to achieve respective optimal objectives and best coordination;
  • Business portfolio and construction products that highly express positioning with distinct theme temperament;
  • Business space that meets home needs and creates a unique experience for consumers;
  • Complete functional details lay a solid foundation for the future formation of the operation team.

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