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Store sale is a balanced art and a high-standard test of the comprehensive professional capability of a commercial real estate. Its optimal result needs to achieve the common win among three parties: successful sales by developers, rental return for store buyers, and satisfaction of consumer needs.Dissatisfaction of either party will produce a chain reaction and cannot define the success of the project.Therefore, for every step from product planning and sales strategy to the rhythm of rental and sale, the sales project must carefully consider the impact on sale, investment promotion and operation.

The R&D team, as sales agent, has already achieved more than RMB 162.2 billion sales in total, and is also the creator and holder of retail sales records in many cities.Our continuous innovation guarantees a leading position in the sales agency market. From Internet-based distribution system, big data customer selection, to new tools and new methods such as construction product innovation and R&D, and sales asset management integration, we guarantee the vitality and efficiency of the sales team, helping many customers maintain strong development in the fierce competition.

Typical Problems at the Sales Stage
As one of the real estate categories with the strongest investment properties, store sale is interesting and complex.For example, stores are the real estate category where the "price bottleneck" is not obvious. The stores in similar locations may produce very different sales prices and speeds due to different operations; most of the time, price reductions will not increase sales, but also make sales more passive; moreover, most stores are not able to sell at a higher price and speed after opening than that before opening, on the contrary, it is more likely to be difficult to sell because of the low rental performance.Therefore, as a special store sales project that is different from other real estate categories, there are more highly professional issues that need to be solved:
  • The poor coordination between sales and investment promotion has become a constraint for each other:

    Due to the slow progress of investment promotion, store buyers have insufficient confidence and the sales progress is slow;

    The sales progress is smooth, it is difficult for investment promotion to be implemented according to the established positioning, and high-quality brand owners refuse to settle in;

    If store sale is carried out after the investment promotion is completed, due to the low rental, the sales price and speed will be constraints.

  • After the stores, we worry that it will be difficult for them to achieve successful operation in the future:

    The property rights of stores are scattered, and unified operations are difficult to achieve, resulting in the loss of control of business formats;

    In case of chartered sales, more hidden dangers will occur, and it is difficult to solve the operational challenges in essence;

    Even if only the stores less than 20% of the area are sold, it may have a decisive adverse impact on the overall operation.

  • The lack of uniqueness of project positioning and image makes it difficult to increase sales prices:

    The positioning of the project determines its radiation power and growth, and the bland positioning makes it difficult for buyers to give a high valuation;

    Positioning direction is too narrow, and its market growth space makes it difficult for investors in mass stores to understand, affecting prices and sales speed;

    The concept of positioning is leading, but the realization of inevitability and path is insufficient, and the trust of buyers is not high.

  • Poor grasp of sales on high floors, disadvantaged locations and large-area stores:

    The lack of sales perspective in project planning results in many "congenitally inadequate" stores;

    Failure to make a detailed distinction and separate strategy response to customers facing stores on different floors, areas and locations;

    The lack of in-depth thinking and planning for the launching rhythm of different products and customer guidance.

  • Oversupply of stores in the market, and buyers become scarce resources

    A lot of store buyers in the market participated in previous projects, and it is difficult to find customers for new projects;

    Many customers have experienced a round of failure lessons and become more rational;

    There are fewer store investor groups from other cities other than the city where the project is located.

RET solutions
We are well aware of the system complexity faced by a sales project. The judgment at any decision point of a project requires the integration of multiple disciplines. Any team that specializes in any of sale, construction, investment promotion and operation cannot provide a satisfactory answer.In addition, the rise of digital technology is bringing tremendous changes to the industry. The use of big data and cross-channel integration are also becoming more important in the efficiency optimization of key links such as project acquisition, analysis, and conversion.As the industry's digital leader, RET provides tailored solutions for projects that not only meet the needs of multi-disciplinary collaboration, but also use leading technologies and Internet tools to create unexpected efficiency and results for projects.For this purpose, we suggest the following specific methods:
  • Discover the uniqueness of the project in a wider area or industry, and build a customer-perceived operating system:

    Under the background of the times, have a positioning direction with farther radiation;

    Build a project implementation path plan from positioning, investment promotion to operation in order to win the trust of buyers in the future;

    Cooperate with necessary authoritative partners and enhance the project's authority.

  • Broaden customer base with unique positioning, integrate customer resources across all channels and industries:

    Sort out the types of urban investors and the cognitive characteristics of product value, and make positioning selections based on the project location;

    Take advantage of China's largest store investor database accumulated by RET, Lepu and DataQuest China;

    Integrate online and offline, and industry related big data for accurate customer acquisition.

  • Combine and implement diversified strategies such as rent-to-sell, simultaneous rent and sale, and sale to users

    Rhythmically plan the positions of stores for rent and sales, so that the leased stores can guide the business of the stores;

    Invite businesses by leasing to introduce high-quality brands, and then sell stores;

    Make direct sales to target merchants, not only guaranteeing the completion of sales, but also ensuring the suitability of the business.

  • Pursue the trend of street stores for products and ensure theirs homogeneity and create the effect of multiple first-floor stores:

    The shape of street stores is more conducive to being accepted by store buyers, so the intensity of management requirements for future sales is lower;

    With the help of sinking, cross-layer traffic and other forms, create multiple "first floors" for the project to reduce the price gap of buyers on high floors;

    In view of the differentiation and affordability of buyers, refine and integrate the areas and heights of different floors.

  • Create a good image of the project's investment promotion progress and ensure the completion of store sales before opening:

    With a strong and continuous investment promotion image, ensure the smooth progress of sales;

    Determine the investment promotion for the main stores of the project as early as possible, and have multiple openings at small scale each time according to the progress of investment promotion to create a hot selling atmosphere;

    Most of the projects cannot be guaranteed to flourish immediately after opening, which will adversely affect the sale of stores, so it is better to sell out all the stores before the opening.

Measurable results
With our strategic innovation and in-depth implementation, we have solved the problems with regard to store sales and after-sales operations that plague many investors.When today's visitors arrived at Great Tang All-Day Mall in Xi'an, a crowded urban commercial mall, they may never think that this was a sales project that was extremely troublesome for investors, and it was properly resolved by RET as the exclusive lease agent.The tens of well-known urban projects including BBMG Mall at Dongba of Beijing, Tianjin Ancient Culture Mall, Swire International Plaza in Ordos, Yangquan Riverside New World Plaza, all are the innovative targets our expert team has helped developers to achieve for successful sales and operations.We treat each project respectively and customize solutions to guarantee customers' highest confidence with our continuously updated knowledge and execution:
  • The market positioning and communication strategy with high market premium;
  • The product planning to balance the needs of store buyers, tenants and consumers;
  • The accomplishment of the reasonable rent and sales goals;
  • The professional and stable on-site team;
  • The unique operation management for the stores sold.

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