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RET is a full-service provider of commercial real estate and a leader that continues to promote the innovation and evolution of the industry. With outstanding creativity and rich resource reserves, RET serves more than 140 million square meters of commercial area in over 165 cities in China, with a plethora of real estate types ranging from shopping malls, tourism commercial properties, community commercial businesses to city complexes, and partners with 80% of the top 100 real estate companies in China. We also provide public policy consultations on commerce for Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and many other cities.

Our definition of shopping mall digital transformations is: based on digital knowledge and technology, to break through the open perspective of the physical space of shopping malls, to transform complex and changeable information into measurable numbers, data and decisions, reshapes purchases, service and consumer experience.

RET currently operates in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou, and has four internet enterprise members Lepu, Data Quest China, Yunmao and Xiaolaba. By constructing a complete ecology, RET seeks to create new value for its client through a full-service cycle of strategy, data, trading, asset management and finance.

Our reputation stems from the iconic projects we have achieved with our customers, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation and perfect delivery.In today's world, digital technology is changing with each passing day, and it is gradually building a comprehensive connection among people and things to realize transaction and interactive digitalization.With thorough understanding of industry trends and digital technology, RET takes an advantageous position over competitors.Based on our in-depth practice and technology accumulation, we continue to promote customers towards digitized, personalized and data-driven development.

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RET is also an active sharer and exchanger of insights and thoughts in the industry and cross-industry. It has established an internal special fund to cooperate with advanced institutions at home and abroad to conduct research and continue to share the results in public welfare.
  • RET's cooperation customers cover 80% of China's Top 100 real estate companies, and more than 75% of the cooperation business is under the continuous commission and introduction of old customers, and they are an important force behind the evolution of China's commerce innovation.
  • Whether new district development, urban landmarks or small city centers, no matter when and where new cooperation is launched, RET's cooperative customers can get the full support of RET's outstanding team's inheritance and innovative service capabilities, domestic and foreign collaborative resources and platform digital technology.

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